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"Pop up stall at Great Rollright Market Saturday 4 April in support of Zambezi Sunrise Trust.

Michael Anderson a previous resident of the village will be selling craft products made by a women's group from Livingstone, Zambia in support of the Zambezi Sunrise Trust. The charity, formed by his friends John and Joanne Gillette, has built a primary school for local children and is now looking to build a secondary school on the same site. Of the circa 400 pupils, 70% have lost at least one parent, and are too poor to afford the regulation uniform required to attend a government school. Average life expectancy in the area is 47. Currently donors have also raised funds to feed the children three days a week, but on the other days most of them won't eat as their families can't send food in with them. 

The craft products include make-up bags, various shopping bags and hair ties and 100% of the proceeds are returned either to the women's craft group or to fund the school building project.

Photos of the products, the school and children (including in the second hand uniforms brought over from the UK) are attached, as well as a link to the charity's website.

Website link:"

Preview of Michael Anderson's stall on 4th April....see below....

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