Photo of Tyte Tap wooden bench
Photo from the Great Rollright church tower
Photo of the Rollright Community Centre

Parish Council


Bob Humphrey: (Chair)                                       730950

Gavin Southwell (Deputy Chair):                        730888

Janet Wilkinson                                                   730268

Duncan Midwood                                                 730578

Sam Wood                                                                 

Sue Glasson  (Parish Clerk)                                730880

Please note: The Councillors do not have designated responsibilities.


From the Parish Council

The Playground remains closed at this time.
Elections for both Parish & District Councils have been postponed until May 2021 and the present Councillors remain in office.
There will obviously be no Annual General Meeting held next month for the Parish Council nor for the Village Hall.
The Parish Council remains indebted to Marilina for co-ordinating the volunteers throughout the village and to Terry & Dice for keeping our Village Green looking smart, thank you.
If you need to contact us please ring either:
Roz Wiley (Chair)     730830    or   

Sue Glasson (Parish Clerk)    730880 

The District Council website is regularly updated:


Meetings are held on the second Monday in January, March, May, July, September and November.  They take place in the Village Hall Committee Room and start at 7.30pm.

The press and public are welcome.

Help needed please!

Our Parish Jubilee Field is settling in well now after a slow start.

There is much scope to improve the wildlife in the field: hedgehogs, dormice, nesting birds, frogs and toads, owls, bats, butterflies and other insects.

If you think you can help with our wildlife habitat, please give me a call:

Gavin Southwell: 01608 730888