2020/108 Spy Book

A message from Christopher and Lucia Turner

Ride and Stride, 13th September:  we each managed about two and a half circuits of the village, even though Christopher had to attend a brief Zoom meeting in the middle.  We would like to thank the kind person who anonymously put a generous donation through our door, and all others who have already sponsored us or are intending to.  It’s wonderful to have live services beginning again in our churches!

2020/106  Spy

Have you heard about our very own spy, Ursula who lived at Firs Farmhouse around 1945 and who used to leave messages for her handler in the hollow of a tree just up from the cross roads?  She was known in our village as Mrs Burton and she was apparently renowned for her scones.  She transported her spying equipment around in her baby’s pram.   Ben MacIntyre has just written a book about her, Agent Sonya, which will be published on 17th September.   There has been advanced publicity of the book both on the Today programme, BBC Radio 4 and an article in The Times which you may find interesting.  The links to both are included here.



Rollright’s Spy was featured on the Radio 4 Today programme on 14/9/20 :



And in the Times:



Here is more information from Jane Stillwell.

Ursula’s mother Bertha is in the churchyard with her husband -not sure if Ursula's father, but Bertha was her mother. She died on a visit to The Firs. Her son Peter came to Artweeks in the village about 8 years ago when I did it in the Old Beer House Chapel. He told the whole story about how he came home from Gt Rollright school and his mother said very suddenly that they were going on holiday and they were scarpered to East Berlin. Peter and his wife now live in Berlin. The 3 children all had different fathers. He is Peter Beurton. William Boyd wrote a novel “Restless’ loosely based on the story.

2020/105 Scammers

Look out for these scammers.

2020/104 Batteries

Batteries keep appearing on Old Forge Road - see photo above. 

Be aware of the danger to children and pets.

2020/103 Village Hall


Following the new guidelines, we regret that our Village Hall will have to remain closed to the public.  

The playground  is still open but please adhere to the regulations which are posted there.

2020/102 Ride & Stride

Each year the Oxfordshire Historic  Churches Trust holds a sponsored
“Ride and Stride” (or crawl, cartwheel, swim) for the hundreds of Grade A listed churches in its care; half the money raised stays with the Trust, which over the years has made many generous grants to St Andrew’s for special needs, and half comes direct to the church, where we are building up a fund for bringing water and a toilet into the building.
This Sunday, September 13th, we plan to walk as many circuits of the village as we can, starting at the church at 2.30 pm.  Any sponsors or fellow-walkers would be most welcome (we have sponsorship forms at Rosemullion) or just throw sixpence in the hat as we pass by!

AND live services start again this month!

Christopher and Lucia Turner  (01608 737359)

2020/101 Greenhouse

Mandy Wilson, who has just moved into the village, is planning to buy a new greenhouse, so she would like to find somebody to take her existing greenhouse apart and take it to the tip or perhaps dismantle it carefully and rebuild it in their own garden.   It has an aluminium frame, some of the glass panes are broken but it isn’t in poor condition.  If you’re interested in either of these options, please call Mandy 07775 652207

2020/107 Ride & Stride

The local bookshop has an event planned and have 100 signed copies of the book coming.


Please don’t order it on Amazon or wherever. Your book shop needs you!

You can order the book by email, phone or on line at:



Telephone: 01608 641033

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Emergencies: A Defibrillator is located outside the Village Hall with an explanation how to use it.

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