Our Village Hall is ideal for Clubs and Society use and is regularly booked for Birthday, Wedding and Anniversary celebrations.
It was completely refurbished and extended ready to be re-opened in 2000 as part of the village Millennium celebrations.

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To discuss rates and booking availability contact Jan Wilkinson on 01608 730268










The everyday running of this invaluable asset to our village is looking to recruit new members. We meet just once a month, if necessary, to discuss our finances, any maintenance issues or repairs that might be required and on occasions the planning of a fund-raising event.

Please do have a think about joining us. We really do need you, so that the Village Hall can continue to provide such a wonderful meeting place etc., for our village. 

Meeting dates are added to the Village Calendar and we meet at 6.30pm in the small committee room at the rear of the village hall. Do come along and meet us for an informal chat or contact us; details below: 

Simon Cock 730087 simon.cock@btinternet.co.uk 

Alison Bartlett 737162 asbartlett@hotmail.co.uk 

Jan Wilkinson 730268 janet@janwilkinson.com 

Roz Wiley 730830 leo2roz@gmail.com

Ann White 737437 annboughy@hotmail.com 


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Emergencies: A Defibrillator is located outside the Village Hall with an explanation how to use it.

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