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Great Rollright
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Emergencies: A Defibrillator is located outside the Village Hall with an explanation how to use it.

I am Simon Cock and I am the hon. treasurer of the VILLAGE HALL, which is a registered charity. The trustees are very aware that there are always things to be done to both make the hall better and to keep it in the best possible condition. All this costs money so we are asking everyone in the village to help.

The hall is now registered with "/*GIVE AS YOU LIVE*/". This organisation has tied up with some 4000 ON-LINE retailers who, when asked, donate a small percentage of their sales to charities specified by the shoppers. If all of you, who shop on-line with the participating retailers,  tell /*Give as you Live*/ to direct this small percentage (often only 1% but 'every little helps') to Great Rollright Village Hall we will benefit and the more of you you do this the more money we'll raise.


It is very simple: log on to 

and follow the very  easy to follow instructions. You don't even have to remember when you actually shop, as if you tell /*Giveasyoulive*/ of your chosen retailers (again you do this by following the instructions on their web-site) as soon as you log on to shop a message will pop up asking you to confirm that you want to raise money for GRVH.

How fiendishly clever the web can be!!

The good news is that it costs you nothing and makes no difference to the prices you pay or the service you get from you favourite retailers. This sounds to me like a WIN,WIN,WIN situation for us all. I attach a document (pdf) which lists eight of the retailers who you might use.


Simon Cock

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