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Artweeks May Festival 2021

Dear Parish Clerk

Please could we enlist your help?

Oxfordshire ARTWEEKS Artists and visitors cover every parish in the county. Covid has hit Artweeks as it has so many other events this year and we are having to plan for unknown times in 2021.

If you could include the attached information regarding Artweeks 2021 in your parish newsletter or website we would be extremely grateful. 


Oxfordshire Artweeks is a not for profit members company designed to support amateur and professional artists and craft makers as well as community and charity groups, that live or work in Oxfordshire.  This is a financially challenging time for Artweeks we need artists support during this uncertain time so that it can survive to support artists beyond 2021.

The biggest change for visitors in 2021 is there will not be a printed guide book as it is highly unlikely that our distribution points will be able to take printed material to distribute in early April. We will be relying on local advertising and the public visiting the website to view the flip book version or to use the website searches to find venues.


We hope you will be able to help and we would like to thankyou if you are able too.

Kind regards


Jo Salmon


Tel: 01865 865596

8 Hazel Road, Oxford OX2 9LF 

Homeless Oxfordshire

Dear Rollright WI,

I am writing to you on the behalf of Homeless Oxfordshire.
Each night we accommodate 200 people. But we are more than bricks and mortar. Through 11 innovative housing projects, we provide a range of support to help people rebuild their lives. We have been supporting people across the county for over 30 years; providing meals, accommodation, training and education, welfare support and helping individuals to develop basic skills to run their own homes.


This year has been an extremely challenging one for our services. Since the start of the COVID-19 crisis, Homeless Oxfordshire has had to adapt and redesign how we provide our essential lifesaving frontline service to support some of the most vulnerable people in our communities during this national crisis. The majority of people using our services have suffered severe trauma in their lives which impacts on mental health and substance misuse as they are in a constant state of chaos or crisis. During the COVID-19 crisis these challenges have been magnified and people need extra support to be able to cope.


Communities have been coming together in extraordinary ways to help and support each other. We wanted to share with you some of the exciting opportunities we have coming up that your club may want to get involved with, as well as ask for your kind consideration to become your charity of choice for 2020/21.


To find out more about our services and all of the opportunities available please visit our website at If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to give me a call. Whether you chose us your charity of the year, purchase some raffle tickets or share us in your newsletter any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your consideration. With very best wishes, Mackenzie Aspell

Community Fundraiser

Tel: 07572664322 Email: